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In order to improve the management of your Funds/Dedicated Funds, mandates and portfolios

Graphic illustration of the use of our trading tools, algorithms and technical signals on a diversified management, under mandate with DICI.

Beyond the construction of a portfolio efficiency with its fundamental allocation, absolute performance can only be differentiated from its benchmarks by using key indicators that allow manoeuvring between algorithms, HFT (high frequency trading) and the volatility of different market sequences across all asset classes.

Flow analysis and behavioural analysis contribute to the RESILIENCE of ALPHA management by making volatility your ally. This differentiation from active management, which integrates and interprets technical signals according to the unit of time, adapts the management of traditional portfolios to market conditions, whereas passive management tends to make them suffer from volatility.

We favour a so-called “tactical” approach to buying and selling positions according to market momentum in a swing trading logic with calculated (and therefore controlled) risk, within the framework of the management and investment philosophy of our professional clients, by combining them with fundamental and thematic approaches (sectoral, geographical, underlying assets, ESG criteria, SRI etc.).

This innovative service is available in an accessible way as well as numerous supporting functionalities dedicated to optimising asset management and absolute performance.

Rivoli Wealth Management will bring you time savings and know-how to complement your expertise and practice in the financial markets.

To find out more, contact us : contact@rivoli-wm.com

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